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Michele Cecchini

That’s me, Senior Visual Designer, in love with Communication, User Interfaces and Graphic Design.

I was born in Brindisi, a city near the sea in South Italy, I moved to Milan when I was nineteen to study at the University of Communication Design at Politecnico of Milano, where I graduated from in 2004 with a thesis about typographic and perception.

I’m working in UI and Graphic Design since 2003. In my professional experiencies I had the pleasure to work in projects of UI & Visual Design with important international companies like eBay, Ikea, Samsung, Banca Intesa, PagineGialle, Rizzoli, Domus Academy, but I also enjoyed, and still enjoy, to work for small clients.

I speak Italian, my native language. I took part in some international projects where English was the common language, I speak it  intermediate level. For a while I lived and worked with some clients in Spain, I can speak it fluently. Nowadays I’m studying Russian, I speak it basic.

I know CSS and HTML, middle level, enough to keep in consideration when I design websites and to communicate  with developers and front-end.

I’m based in Milan where I live with my wife. I’m addicted to the web, where I catch inspiration for my projects in every website. I love to download new apps in my smartphone to study design and trends, and to get inspired.

Work closely

I like to work closely with teams, customers and stakeholders to make sure that we deliver exactly what they need, while keeping an eye on business goals & objectives.


UI/UX Design
Mobile & Responsive Design
Art Direction
WordPress, HTML & CSS
Logo Design
Brand style guides & pattern libraries
Corporate Identity
Belowe the line

UI & Visual

I’m a free climber, I love climbing mountains, reaching the peaks, being in contact with nature and rocks.  When I travel I love strolling the vibrant streets of the cities I explore, meet and know new people, sharing experiences, and diving to explore and observe another ecosystem of life.

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